Collection: 'Once Upon A Time' Collection

"Once upon a time, in a land brimming with magic and wonder, a little birthday princess dreamt of a dazzling cape, wand, and crown to adorn her royal self. And so, it was that the loving and skilled fairies of the realm brought forth enchanting accessories, handcrafted with the tender care one would bestow upon a delicate butterfly's wings. The capes floated like a soft cloud of flocked tulle, a gingham linen ruffle collar hugged their necks, and the minky pom poms danced as Liberty tana lawn ties whispered spells of pure delight. Thus, the little princess's dreams became a mesmerizing reality." 

Create the fairytale of their dreams with our Once Upon A Time collection - perfectly whimsical, playful and magical.  Made for special occasions (like birthday's) or simply for everyday dress ups; for discovering fairies in enchanted gardens; for butterfly chasing; for tea parties and princess parties.